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  • About the Faculty:

    Impart well rounded professional education in the field of forestry to produce forestry professionals with high degree of competence and skills.ii. Tune forestry research to meet the requirements of various sectors such as degraded land afforestation/ reforestation, watershed conservation, production of quality control material and forest industries.iii. Popularize agroforestry and plantation forestry through extension activities for the benefit of farming community and industry.

  • Brief Details

    • Name Faculty of Forestry
    • Tel. 09419424653
    • E-mail deanforestry@skuastkashmir.ac.in
    • Dean Prof. K.N.Qaisar
    • Address Faculty of Forestry, SKUAST-K, Benihama, Watlar, Ganderbal -191201

Undergraduate (4 Years)

•B.Sc. Forestry (4 years)

Post-graduate/Doctrate Programme

•Masters Degree Programme •M.Sc. Forestry (2 years)

•Doctorate Programme •Ph.D. Forestry (3 years)

• University funded RCM projects

• All India Coordinated Research Project on Agroforestry (AICRP-AF)

• NOVOD Board funded projects on wild Apricot

• Establishment of Botanical Garden

• Vegetation Carbon Pool Assessment