1Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Plant PathologyDr. M. Jamal AhmadAijaz Ahmad Sheikh (488839193029)Full Time2015-575-D24-02-2015Studies on the taxonomy of Hymenopteran parasitoids of vegetable and cereal pests of Kashmir2020YesUGC (MANF)1
2Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Plant PathologyDr. Ishtiyaq A. RainaShahida Altaf (449066216324)Full Time2015-578-D24.02.2015Insect pest complex of Apple nmursery and management of Torticid moth.2020YesUGC(RGNF)2
3Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Plant PathologyDr. Z.A. BadriMisba Majeed (228974587790) Full Time2015-588-D24.02.2015studies on Variability and Management of Alternaria solani Causing Early Blight in Tomato2020YesUGC (MANF)
4Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Plant PathologyDr. Vaseem YousufMudasir Hassan (598573824923)Full Time2015-586-D24.02.2015Variability of Stemprylium vesicarium causing stemprylium blight in onion and its integrated management in Kashmir2020yesUGC(MANF)
5Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Plant PathologyDr. Ali AnwarMudasir Ahmad Bhat (679244639135)Full Time2015-525-D02.04.2014Variability in isolates of Phjomopsis vesans causing blight disease in brinjal and its integrated management in Kashmir2020yesUGC (MANF)
6Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Plant PathologyDr. T.A. ShahStanzin Dorjey (Pan card No. CPTPD9354L)Full Time2015-589-D20.02.2015Etiology and management of wilt/root rot diseae of beans through plant growth promoting 2020yesUGC(RGNF)
7Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Soil ScienceDr. M. Ayoub BhatNaik Zia-Ud-Din Rehman (218994750924)Full Time2015-590-D24.02.2015Adsorption and release kinetics of phosphorus under different land use systems in district Pulwama of Kashmir2020YesUGC(MANF)
8Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Soil ScienceDr. Javid Ahmad SofiOwais Ahmad Khan (710601646969)Full Time2015-595-D04.03.2015To study the impact of smart fertilizer on organic and conventional Apple orchards (cv. Red Delicious).2020YesUGC(MANF)
9Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Soil ScienceDr. G.R. NajarFozia Shafiq (531948302503)Full Time2015-592-D24.02.2015The impact of Different Land Use Systems on Soil Health in District Baramulla of Kashmir Valley2020YesUGC(MANF)
10Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Soil ScienceDr. D. RamAndleeb Mushtaq (546628210288)Full Time2015-591-D24.02.2015Characterization, Classification and evaluation of soils of district Kupwara Using GIS.2020YesUGC(MANF)
11Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KAgricultural Extension & CommunicationDr. M.A. BeighJehangir Muzaffar Matto (354464636366)Full Time2015-571-D24.02.2015Impact of Apple Farming on Soicio Economic status of Growers in Kashmir2020YesUGC(MANF)
12Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KAgricultural Extension & CommunicationDr. M.A. DarZahoor Ahmad Shah (MYR0074195-JK 2340766)Full Time2015-572-D24.02.2015Technological gap of recommended practices of Apple growers in Kashmir2020YesUGC(MANF)
13Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Genetics and Plant BreedingDr. Z.A. DarShazia Gulzar (716382778082)Full Time2015-581-D16.02.2015Parental diversity in relation to Heterosis and specific combining ability in maize2020YesUGC(MANF)
14Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Genetics and Plant BreedingDr. S.A. DarNida Yousuf (211839536318)Full Time2015-580-D16-02-2015Genetic Analysis in temperate maize landraces.2020yesUGC(MANF)
15Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of AgronomyDr. Mohd Anwar BhatSheeraz Ahmad waniFull Time2015-570-D19.02.2015Site specific Nutrient Management for improving Productivety of Different Rice Cultivars in Kashmir2020No 
16Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of AgronomyDr. Rehana Habib KanthShahid Bashir DarFull Time 18.02.2015Evaluation of Sowing dates and nitrogen levels for increasing yield of wheat under rainfed conditions of Kashmir using the DSSAT-CSM-CERES-Wheat model2020No 
17Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of AgronomyDr. K.N. SinghAsma FayazFull Time2015-05.03.2015Assessing the Effect of Planting Dates and Nitrogen on Maize at Variable Altitudes in Kashmir Using CERES-Maize Model2020No 
18Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Basic Sciences and HumanitiesDr. M.Y. ZargarZaffar Bashir WagayFull Time 19.02.2015Development of Microbial Consortium for Potassium and Phosphorus Solubilization and Its Impact on Growth Characterisatics of Chilli 2020No 
19Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Basic Sciences and HumanitiesDr. M.Y. ZargarGousia QadirFull Time 20.02.2015Formulation of Effectuive Microbial Consortia and its Application in Sewage Treatment2020No 
20Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Basic Sciences and HumanitiesDr. M.Y. ZargarUlfat NazirFull Time 23.02.2015Evaluation of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria of Pea (Pisum Sativum) for growth and Yield2020No 
21Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDivision of Plant EntomologyDr. Z.A. BabaAijaz Ahmad KundooFull Time 24.02.2015Taxonomic Studies on Coccinellidae in Agro-Ecosystems of Kashmir and Ladakh2020No 
22Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Plant EntomologyDr. Sheikh Bilal AhmadAbid ShowkatFull Time 24.02.2015Biology and Management of Blossom Thrips of Apple in Kashmir2020No 
23Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Plant PathologyProf. Mushtaq AhmadMohammad Saleem DarFull Time 24.02.2015DNA barcoding of venturia Spp. Infecting various host plants in Kashmir2020No 
24Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Agri. Extension and CommunicationDr. Rekhi SinghRufaida MirFull Time 24.02.2015Food Grain Production in Kashmir; A study of Knowledge Addoption and Technical Effenciency of Farmers2020yesDST
25Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Soil Science and Agri Chemistry Dr. N.A. KirmaniJuvaria JeelaniFull Time 24.02.2015Spatial Variability Mapping of Soil Properties of Research Farm of Zadora Using GIS Techniques2020YesDST
26Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Soil Science and Agri Chemistry Dr. Mohmad Ashraf DarAbdul Quyoom GanaiFull Time 04.03.2015Study of Nutrient Status of Apple Orchard Soils of South Kashmir2020No 
27Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of GPBDr. G.A. ParrayAsma MajidFull Time2016-681-D16-02-2016Identification of effective restorers against CMS lines in temperate rice (Oryzae Sativa)2021  
28Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of GPBDr. M. Ashraf RatherAsmat AraFull Time2016-682-D16-02-2016Comprehensive Evaluation of Drought Stress in Common Bean2021  
29Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of GPBDr. M. Ashraf BhatAsma Hamid MirFull Time2016-684-D16-02-2016Genetic Analysis studies for cold tolerance in Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L)2021  
30Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. GPBDr. F.A. SheikhUzma MehrajFull Time2016-683-D16-02-2016Development of Semi-Fine Grain Rice for Kashmir Valley2021  
31Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Basic Sciences and HumanitiesProf. M.Y. ZargarMalik Sajad AhmadFull Time2016-679-D17-02-2016Comparative Efficacy of Effective Mesophillic and Psychrophillic Microorganisms for Solid Waste Management2021  
32Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of AgronomyDr. Mohd Anwar BhatAijaz NazirFull Time2016-616-D16-02-2016Productivity and profitability of rice (Oryza Sativa, L) as influenced by crop establishment method and weed management practices under temperate condition, of Kashmir2021  
33Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of AgronomyDr. Raihana H. KanthSaba ShafaiFull Time2016-618-D16-02-2016Response of Nitrogen Levels in Pop Corn With Variable Sowing Time and Spacing Under Temperate Rainfed Conditions2021  
34Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. AgronomyDr. Lal SinghRehana MohiuddinFull Time2016-617-D16-02-2016Evaluation of CERES maize model 4.6 for simulating the response of different maize cultivars to graded levels of nitrogen in temperate Kashmir2021  
35Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. Agri. Extension & CommunicationDr. Mushtaq Ahmad DarSyed Badir IqbalFull Time2016-678-D16-02-2016Farmers behaviour towards commercial vegetable production in District Budgam2021  
36Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. Agri. Extension & CommunicationDr. A.H. HakeemNoor-ul-IslamFull Time2016-677-D16-02-2016Potential & Prospects of High Density Plantation in Kashmir Division (Preposed)2021  
37Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. Plant PathologyDr. Tanveer Ahmad WaniImran BashirFull Time2016-687-D16-02-2016status and Management of brown leaf spot of paddy under temperate conditions of Kashmir Valley2021  
38Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Plant Pathology Dr. Nazir Ahmad BhatKamran Ahmed KhanFull Time2016-686-D16-02-2016Characterization of Fusarium Spp. Associated with wilt of Chilli and identification of its resistant source in Kashmir Valley2021  
39Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. Plant PathologyDr. Ali AnwarZahoor Ahmad Full Time2016-688-D16-02-2016Studies on Anthracnose of Cucumber in Kashmir (Proposed)2021  
40Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Soil Science and Agri Chemistry Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad WaniSumaira ShafiFull Time2016-695-D16-02-2016Kenitics of Pottasium under different land use systems in Soils of District Baramulla 2021  
41Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Soil Science and Agri Chemistry Dr. Farida AkhterMasrat MaqboolFull Time2016-693-D16-02-2016Characterization, Classification and Neutrient Indexing of High Density Apple Orchard Soils of North Kashmir2021  
42Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Soil Science and Agri Chemistry Dr. Tahir AliOwais Bashir Full Time2016-694-D16-02-2016Servevy characterization, classification of soils of Sopore Tehsil Using JIS Techniques2021  
43Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Basic Sciences and HumanitiesDr. M.Y. ZargarMisbah AjazFull Time2016-680-D29-03-2016Solid Waste Management by Cold Tolerant Microbes and Earthworms2021  
44Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. GPB Umar Gul NaikFull Time2017-7261/4/2017Undecided 2022  
45Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. GPB Muzamil YousufFull Time2017-731-D1/4/2017Undecided 2022  
46Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. GPB Mohammad Rafeeq RatherFull Time2017-730-D1/4/2017Introgression of genes for early maturity and rust resistance in wheat (Triticum Aestivum L)2022  
47Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-KDiv. of Basic Sciences and Humanities Tariq Ahmad BhatFull Time2017-727-D19/4/2017 2022  
48Faculty of HorticultureAgri. EconomicDr. S.. A WaniFarheen Naqash Full2016-642-D16.02.2016A Study on Pesticide use pattern in Horticulture with special reference to apple crop in kashmir2019No 
49Faculty of HorticultureAgri. Economic Naseem akhterFull2017-732-D30.03.2017Not Assigned Yet2020No 
50Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnologyDr. Asif Bashir ShikariAafreen SakinaFull2016-645-D16.02.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
51Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnologyDr. Amjid M.hussainiAamir Bashir WaniFull2016-649-D29.03.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
52Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnology Deepika PanditaFull2017-733-D30.03.2017Not Assigned Yet2020No 
53Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnologyDr. Shafiq Ah. WaniNiyaz Ahmad DarFull2016-650-D23.03.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
54Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnologySajad Majid ZargarSheezan RasoolFull2016-643-D15.02.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
55Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnologyDr. Sajad Majid ZargarUneeb UrwatFull2016-647-D29.03.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
56Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnology Wasia ShouwkatFull2016-648-D29.03.2016Exploration of important medicinal plant diversity to evaluate small molecule inhibitors targetting receptor (AR) nuclear localization2019No 
57Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnologyDr. Sajad Majid ZargarZubair Ahmad MirFull2016-646-D30.03.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
58Faculty of HorticultureBiotechnologyAasif Bashir ShikariSaba MirFull2016-644-D18.02.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
59Faculty of HorticultureE. Science Ishrat BashirFull2013-456-D Not Assigned Yet2017No 
60Faculty of HorticultureE. Science Azra Amin  30.03.2017Not Assigned Yet2020No 
61Faculty of HorticultureE. ScienceDr.F.A.LoneMoonisa Aslam DarveshFull2015-539-D Role of Urban Forestry in carbon sequenstration Carbon dioxide mitigation in srinagar city of Kashmir Himaliyas2017No 
62Faculty of HorticultureE. Science Shafat Ahmad Mir Full  Not Assigned Yet No 
63Faculty of HorticultureE. Science Zubair Ahmad DarFull2015-540-D Not Assigned Yet2018No 
64Faculty of HorticultureE. ScienceDr. F.A LoneIrfana ShowqiFull  human wild life conflict causes and consequences2020No 
65Faculty of HorticultureE.ScienceProf. shakeel Ur RehmanRouf Ahmad BhatFull2014-502-D Seasonal Variation in Environmental Plllution and trace element2017NoSKUAST-Kashmir
66Faculty of HorticultureE.ScienceDr.F.A.LoneShakeel Ahmad darFull2016-652-D18.02.2016Environmental Pollution,,Monitoring and impact assesment2019No 
67Faculty of HorticultureEntomologyDr.zakir HusainDeelak Amin Full2016-657-D15.02.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
68Faculty of HorticultureEntomology Irham Rasool Full2016-655-D18.02.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
69Faculty of HorticultureEntomologyDr.Akhter Ali KhanMeinaz NissarFull2016-658-D15.02.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
70Faculty of HorticultureEntomology Qurat-ul AinFull2017-734-D12.04.2017Not Assigned Yet2020No 
71Faculty of HorticultureEntomologyDr.F.A.ZakiShifa MuneerFull2016-656-D18-02-2016Not Assigned Yet2018NoMaulana Azad National Fellowship
72Faculty of HorticultureEntomologyDr.F.A.ZakiShifa MuneerFull2016-656-D18-02-2016Not Assigned Yet2018YesInspire DST Fellowship
73Faculty of HorticultureEntomology Insha hamid 2017-735-D12.04.2017Not Assigned Yet2020No 
74Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureDr. Z.A QadriAmbreena Din 9960 0718 4403Full2015-607-D16.02.2015Studies on in-vitro mutagenesis and molecular based analysis in chrysanthemum2020YesUGC(MANF) Maulana Azad National Fellowship
75Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureDr.V.K.AmbardarArif Hussain bhat, Full2013-480-D Variability and management of Diplodiaseriata De Not. Causing smoky canker of apple in kashmir2016YesINSPIRE (DST) fellowship
76Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape Architecture Danish BashirFull2014-536-D Not Assigned Yet2017No 
77Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape Architecture Divya Slathia Full2016-660-D15.02.2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
78Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureDr.zahoor Ahmad RatherGazanfar GaniFull2015-611-D20.02.2015Influence of Growth Regulators & Micronutrient Sprays of Spike & Blub Production in Lium2018No 
79Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape Architecture Irfan Gani BhatFull2017-737-D30.03.2017Not Assigned Yet2020No 
80Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureDr.M.Q.SheikhKhelida Fayaz 9945 4356 4296Full2014-529-D Bio-intensive nutrient Management in Tulip(Tulipa gesneriana) cv.Red Beauty2018YesUGC (MANF) Maulana Azad National Fellowship
81Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape Architecture Madinat-Ul Nisa Full2016-659-D18-02-2016Not Assigned Yet2018YesInspire DST Fellowship
82Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureDr.F.U.KhanMuneeb Ahmad WaniFull2015-609-D Studies on Flowering & seed production of China Aster{callistephus chinensis (L).NEES} cv.Powder Puff2018No 
83Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureDr. imtiyaz Tahir NazkiRahat Ashraf WaniFull2016-661-D18-02-2016Research problem related to Physiological aspects2019No 
84Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureDr.Imtiyaz tahir NazkiRiyaz Ahmad LoneFull2015-610-D Studies on growth,Flowering & Propagation in Alstroemeria Hybrida2018No 
85Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureDr. Z.A QadriSajid Ali Malik Full2015-608-D16-02-2015Pre and Post-Harvest Management in Dahlia2020YesUGC(MANF) Maulana Azad National Fellowship
86Faculty of HorticultureFloriculture & Landscape ArchitectureProf. M.A.A SiddiqueShamin Iqbal Full2012-406-D14-08-2012Standardization of Propagation Techniques and Nutrient Management in Narcissus (Daffodil)2018YesInspire DST Fellowship
87Faculty of HorticultureFood TechnologyDr. Haroon rashid naikNusrat Jan Full2016-667-D18-02-2016Not Assigned Yet2019No 
88Faculty of HorticultureFood TechnologyDr. H. R NaikQudsiyaAyazFull2016-666-D15.02.2016Food Technology2018YesMaulana Azad National Fellowship
89Faculty of HorticultureFruit Science Abdul Waheed WaniFull2017-744-D30.03.2017Not Assigned Yet2020No 
90Faculty of HorticultureFruit Science Jaweed Ahmad RatherFull  Not Assigned Yet2020No 
91Faculty of HorticultureFruit Science Kouser JaveedFull  Not Assigned Yet No 
92Faculty of HorticultureFruit ScienceDr.A.H.PanditMehraj ud Din SheikhFull2015-600-D19.02.2015Molecular Characterization of Apple clonal Root Stocks & their propagation using different rooting media2018No 
93Faculty of HorticultureFruit ScienceDr.M.Saleem MirMohmmed Tasweef Ali Full2016-663-D15.02.2016Divergence studies in phenological & fruit Traits in Apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.)2019No 
94Faculty of HorticultureFruit Science Muneer Ahmad SheikhFull2014-A-537-D Not Assigned Yet2017No 
95Faculty of HorticultureFruit ScienceDr.M.K.SharmaRafiya Mushtaq Full2016-664-D18-02-2016Studies on water requirements for High density Apple Plantation using Drip Irrigation System2019No 
96Faculty of HorticultureFruit ScienceDr.F.A.BandayRahilaShameemFull2015-603-D19.02.2015Fertigation studies in High Density Apple cv.Silver spur 2018YesUGC(MANF) Maulana Azad National Fellowship
97Faculty of HorticultureFruit Science Saima ZahoorFull2015-603-D Not Assigned Yet2018No 
98Faculty of HorticultureFruit ScienceDr. Khalid Rasool DarSarbat HussainFull2015-602-D Response of Different Thinning Techinques on Growth Yield and Quality of Nectarine (Praunus persica (L) Batsch Var Nucipersica)2018No 
99Faculty of HorticultureFruit ScienceDr.M.K.SharmaShabber HussainFull2014-538-D Effect of orchard floor management practices on apple production2017No 
100Faculty of HorticultureFruit Science Shahid qayoom darFull2017-746-D30.03.2017Not Assigned Yet2020No